A School That Serves The Whole Child

We believe in providing each of our students with all the support they need to achieve their fullest potential.

Florida City’s Avant Schools of Excellence is fully committed to the totality of serving your child and equipping them for the great life they deserve.

We’re built on a strong foundation and apply what we have learned in developing our successful sister campus in Florida City over the past decade. Our students receive rigorous academics, that are complimented by life lessons and character development that develop them as well-rounded individuals. Our students learn in small classrooms and are nurtured by dedicated teachers who provide each student with the inspiration, support, and confidence they crave. Each student is special at Avant Schools of Excellence and is reminded of that fact every day. 

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If you are giving serious consideration to enrolling your student at Florida City’s Avant Schools of Excellence, please fill out an Application of Interest as soon as possible.  This will let us know of your interest in Avant and we can make plans to meet with you, answer your questions, show you our school, and explain the next steps in the admission process.

As a reminder, as a result of the Step Up For Students program, all students who are Florida residents receive full scholarships to Avant.  There is no cost to attend our school!
A School With Special Qualities Like No Other

Free to Attend

Free To Attend

Each student who is a Florida resident is eligible for a FULL scholarship. There is NO COST for attending Florida City’s Avant Schools of Excellence.

Academic Excellence

Academic Excellence

We utilize leading curricula with an emphasis on STEM and personalized learning.

Small Class Sizes

Small Class Sizes

Small classes and personalized attention help our students thrive.

Dedicated Teachers

Dedicated Teachers

Our teachers know and care for each individual student.

Real-life Learning

Real Life Learning

We incorporate relevant, relatable lessons into our curriculum.

Character-based Curriculum

Character-Based Curriculum

Our whole child approach includes teaching lessons about character and proper behavior.

A School Built With Students & Families In Mind

As a private school, Florida City’s Avant Schools of Excellence enjoys greater flexibility in developing our curriculum and customizing the services we provide.  We have chosen to pay close attention to the specific needs that families are looking for in their schools.
  • K-12 Schooling

    Families benefit from the opportunity of being able to send all of their children to the same school at the same time. As an added benefit, our teachers and staff get to know our families in a way that isn’t customary at traditional schools.

  • Transportation Available

    Avant Schools of Excellence understands the complexity of the commute to and from school, so we offer transportation to all of our families.

  • Free Lunches & Healthy Snacks

    We know the importance of nutrition for our students and provide healthy lunches for each of our students.  For those who are attending before- and after-school programs, we also serve nutritious snacks at those time.  Avant makes it a priority to make sure that all of our students are well-fed.

  • Before & After School Programming

    Avant also provides access to before- and after-school programming that gives our students well-rounded activities under supervision in an academic environment.