Teaching & Learning Exchange (Parent Portal)

Our parent portal is still under construction, but a select few parents may be able to access it. We encourage everyone to try and log in, but please do not be discouraged if your account does not work. We will have the parent portal officially up and running by the beginning of the 2019-2020 school year. Below, you will find a step-by-step instructional guide on how to sign in to the parent portal.

Step 1:

Click here to be brought into the TLE Parent sign-in page.

Once at the sign-in page, click on the bottom link that says “Forgot Password” (Even if this is your first time logging in!)


Step 2:

After clicking “Forgot Password” you will be brought to the recovery page.

Here, you will need to put the email associated with your student’s account.

If you do not know which email it is, feel free to call our office at 305-246-5905 and ask to speak to Ms. Soler.


Step 3:

After clicking “Get Password” an email will be sent to the account you typed in. Please open that email, and create a password for your parent portal. After creating your password, you will be able to return to the original sign-in screen and type in your email as your username, and the password you have created.

*****Please note: Not all accounts will work. This is still under construction.*****

Final Step:

Once you sign in, you will see the names of all your students. To view their grades, click on “Student Information” and then “Personal Learning Plan”.